UPDATE: #GetCovered Testing the ‘Obamacare’ System

I could approach this from different ways, but I’m not. I’m a straight shooter and this issue is too important to dance around. So, here it goes.

The online process for signing up is not perfect, I got cut off several times, insurance language is confusing and if you have never signed up for insurance through work or on your own–I suggest you get help with signing up for ACA (Affordable Care Act) insurance. This is actually my only complaint, and really it is a word of caution. I expect bugs in a new system—ask Apple.

Kentucky has a pretty easy and effective system.

So about  the insurance

I have always had insurance through either my parents or I paid for it when I started my first full-time gig. Needless to say, I am aware of the cost associated. Through employers you often get a group rate which varies depending on your employer. 

Fortunately for this little experiment, I was in the midst of hopping from one job to another and I had 90 days between which I could pick up COBRA or go without insurance with no penalty. Yes, people there is a penalty if you are not covered and you have the opportunity to be–I know evil President, wants you to get healthy. What are those Obamas thinking?!? No, but seriously.

The plans are pretty sweet! Many were better than those offered by places I have worked. Not only that, the packages were better than what I had for my expiring policy and what COBRA was offering. The prices were nice too, between $150-$200 cheaper a month!! Yeah, it actually saved me money. 

Like I said, I have no dog in this fight (by that way, that is a terrible metaphor and dog fighting is horrendous) and I am still thinking folks should check this out when considering insurance.

Enrollment is now closed and is proposed to re-open November 15, 2014 – February 15, 2015, according to healthcare.gov.

Before, I go on a rant about politics and who is right and wrong (no one is) I can’t rationalize why someone would not want to save money on health insurance. Whether people look or not is on them–I say give it a whirl, if it kills you well…