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I ran across this great post on this morning and I had to share. Parry Ernsberger wrote a very relevant article titled, Finding Happy Things in Unhappy Places. The awesomeness and amazeballs timing of this piece is ridiculous. I have been having this conversation with a couple of my friends and we are honestly making plans to work together to get our crap in check.

Fortunately, none of us are dealing with a broken heart but unhappy, negative places we can write volumes about. Personally, I can fill the first two…just being honest. There are several things that Parry hits on that are so spot on that I felt like I wrote them myself.

Before the critics jump in and say she is whining or our generation is full of babies…blah, blah, blah. I believe this article is the complete opposite of that. With most slumps, in order to get out of them you have to go through the phases. The most important thing is how you handle moving forward. Anyone can sit and complain but Parry does something awesome by making a plan and taking a risk.

So here is snip from the article below. To read the entire article hop on over to

Most people think you’ve already made it when you move to New York City. “New YAWK!” they would exclaim when I returned home to North Carolina for the first time since my move. “Don’t you just looove it?” people would coo before offering up their own favorite part of the city, which usually included a department store trip or a Broadway show or some “cute little restaurant” in Soho. “Best city in the world!” I’d nod with gritted teeth. I didn’t just love it. And I wasn’t going to Soho for anything, ever.


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No more Ms. Nice Girl

no more nice girl


That’s it! I’ve had it, seriously. It seems like every time I do something nice, I get kicked in the ass all the time. I’m over it! All my life I have done the right thing, ignored and walked away from situations where I really wanted


to lose it and what do I have to show for it…NOTHING! Sure people say she is so nice and pleasant–but dammit pleasant don’t do a thing.

Woman Stressed


It’s seriously just is my nature. I don’t even think about it {being nice} until someone makes me aware it. For example, I have an elderly neighbor who gets the newspaper delivered daily. The lazy newspaper man just throws it toward her door, never checking to see if it actually gets to her. SO in steps stupid me…ugghh! Every morning as I walk out to walk Andy I stop pick up the paper and put it on the mat in front of her door–really, every morning. My rationale is that she will simply have to open the door and bend down and not scoot out the house and pick up the paper. No one ask that I do this and I don’t expect any reward, it just seems right.

Okay, so this is not saving the world but hey, its the little things, right?

I have my own daily stress but I still manage to call those people close to me and check to see how they are doing and so on. Do they even remotely return the sentiment? NO!! They only call when the need or want something–all the while still never bothering to even ask, “How are things going?” Most times they don’t even give a greeting and go right into what they need and what is bothering them–I’m not exaggerating here; people do this to me on a daily basis.

So, I’ve had enough! I’m done. I am verbally flipping you the bird and saying “Back the off and show some consideration!” From now on there is no more Ms. Nice Girl. Talk s*it, you’re getting it back and I don’t care if you’re feelings get hurt. This will now take place in every part of my life work, school, family life, strangers–you name it, they gettin’ it.nice girls dont get it

After doing some research on being too nice, I found out that this is a thing and there are books and a movement on The Nice Girl Syndrome.

nice girl syndrome


Besides, as I have learned from the title of this book–s*it’s about to get real.why men marry bitches

Careerist: How Do You Know When You Are Burned Out?

I ran across this great article on Learnvest.  Learnvest is a pretty cool website that is targeted toward women.  Its post are on life, finances, and so on.

I saw the article at a very interesting time as I have been on bed rest and have had tons of time to think and contemplate…everything.  Written by Gabrielle Karol (I always liked the name Gabrielle) the article titled Why Women Are Burning Out at Work Before 30 hit extremely close to home.  I have to admit I have displayed all the symptoms mentioned in the article (as well has hair loss, weight gain, skin issues) and so have some people I know.  We however came up with other reasons for the issues.  We figured we were just not sure what we really wanted. Because who was really happy at what they were doing and where their life was?

Get this, apparently IT’S A PANDEMIC!!  The article states, “Burnout is a psychological stress syndrome that occurs as a “response to chronic emotional and interpersonal stressors on the job.” Besides feelings of excessive stress, burnout can ruin personal relationships and cause fatigue, insomnia, depression and anxiety.”

Check out the article and share what you think?

What I’m Watching: Scandal on ABC

I have been so excited  for four months to see Scandal with Kerry Washington.   Since,  I first heard the premise of the show and the fact that the beautiful and talented  Kerry Washington was leading the cast which includes Guillermo Diaz (LOVE) I knew I had to watch.  However, I do have another motive for watching the show…She is a crisis communicator!!!!!  I have always admired those with the job of  making you see a new side to what is there.  I hope to do more in that capacity one day…I do a bit of it at work now, but it does not really count, because I work for an organization with an incredible mission.

But, just to get myself prepared for the future I am currently in grad school pursuing my Masters Degree to enhance my understanding of the theories behind communication and this show so far has hit on a couple…I can’t wait see more! 


The first episode was good!  It had a few of those awkward camera moments; that most new shows have but I am sure it will find its way soon.  Did I mention this is a Shonda Rhimes project…it is, so you know it has to be the BUSINESS.  Also, the fashions should be pretty sweet too for the young professional sect.  FYI…Kerry gives great insight on the show and who she wears on Twitter her handle is @kerrywashington.

Another notable tidbit I found out about this show is, Kerry Washington is the first black female lead in primetime on a major network in like THREE DECADES!!

That is exciting for many reasons and it is even more exciting because it is a good show because time is too precious to be watching crap…just saying.

Scandal is on ABC, Thursday night at 10pm EST after Grey’s Anatomy.  Check it out.

What do you do?


No matter where you are in the course of your career you get this question.  Unless of course you are super well known then you might get a pass…might.  I have a feeling if the President of theUnited Stateswas dressed down in a baseball cap and shades making small talk over coffee without secret service he too may get the very same question.


After years of living inWashington,DC, I have made it a point NEVER to use this as an opening question unless occupation became a part of the conversation.  I refused to be the unoriginal young professional that could think of nothing else to open a conversation with “So, what do you do?”


Not to say my material was stellar, but I was not going to be a drone either.  I always used something based on other environmental factors like “Uggh, the Metro sucked this morning.  How was your commute?”  Or, “So where are you from…originally?”


So, back to the point of this post, what do you do?  How do you answer it in the number of seconds it takes to keep the sender of the message from looking over and/or around you for more interesting conversation? And, how do you do the same with describing your organization?


Here’s you chance…in 7 words express what you do without saying “I” or “me” or your organizations name. Just to make it interesting, answer the follow up question, “What does you organization do” in 7 words.



What do you do?  Manage external communications for a distinguished non-profit.

What does you organization do? Create affordable housing solutions for low-income people.


Happy spinning,


Check out this blog post from Penelope Trunk founder of Brazen Careerist.

 Disclosure: This posr was originally written and posted on YNPN Louisville



Worklife: Should You Do More or Do Only What is Asked?

I admit, I’m a workaholic. Admittance is the first step–right? However, I have been debating an issue with friends for a few months now and we have all have different answers so which is the right answer for a successful career?

So I am going to poise it to you. The four people or so that actually read this 🙂 At work in order to excel should you go above and beyond or only do what is in your job description?

I am  from the belief of if there is hole in order for me to get something done and it hasn’t been done…I take it on. I feel that in order to do my job effectively and show that I deserve a better title, more money , and room for advancement that I should step outside the job description.

You are here.

I am starting to think I am worng. SO wrong that I see people around me who are moving up and they have less experience or the same as I do but they are making more money and have better titles. Not that I am a title groupe but seriously–they don’t make them for nothing.

What do you think?