Workout Stalled: On the injured list

Frustrating–to say the very least. I have been dealing with pain down the rear of my back leg since December. Initially, I thought it was centralized below my left cheek.

So, after a month, I decided to go see my primary care doctor and she told me it was likely sciatic tension in the muscle. With prescriptions for a steroid pack, ibuprofen, and an anti-inflammatory in hand and instructions to take them over the weekend and follow up on Monday. And oh yeah, no hot yoga for a week!! This may not seem like a big deal but at that time it was a recipe for disaster. I needed yoga to protect my sanity.

However, I followed orders. I walked four miles for two Sundays and meticulously watched what I ate. Upon the other recommendation of my doctor, I went to my first physical therapy appointment. In physical therapy, I was told the same thing and given some new exercises to do but, this time I got the clear for yoga! After some moderation in yoga and a decrease in pain, I thought everything was okay.

I was wrong.

Toward the end of February, pain was starting back up. I began to notice extra shaking in my left leg during my triangle but I thought I could work it out. That was until February 25th, during Hot Yoga Fusion. I could not even bend over with a straight back to touch my toes!! Are you kidding me?! I had just started to conquer the standing bow on both legs and, a sloppy, but accurate-ish standing head-to-knee, and now I could not even touch my TOES! Downward dog and planks were completely out of the question. In shame and frustration I left thirty minutes into the class. Defeated. I headed to the drugstore and decided to start cool therapy. I bought ice packs and the whole shebang.

It didn’t work.

By Thursday I was crying on the phone to my mom and considering calling an ambulance. Instead I went to immediate care. My pain was so intense, I could not sleep the night before nor sit comfortably. I felt the pain radiating from my lower back, down the back of my thigh, tightening and sharpening from my need down, to a numbness and tingling in left foot. It felt like three different types of pain on one side of my body. Immediate care ran x-rays and gave me similar pills but this time included a pill which I needed to give my social in order to buy. However, the pain was still there and my foot is in a constant state of “sleep”.  Now, I have to get an MRI and speak to a neurosurgeon…whaa!! How did this even happen? I did nothing to warrant this–at all!

Anyway, the next day I was still feeling awful, so, to the ER I went. This time I got a CT scan and a shot of steroids to go with my pill cocktail…ugghh. Is this seriously what the medical profession is all about?? Medicating people and then giving them the side eye when you, the doctor, prescribes pain pills. Yeah, that happened.

So, here I am.  Three months after my initial pain and still not able to feel my left toes. I had an appointment for an MRI on Today but I can’t get in to speak with the specialist until FRIDAY. Yes, I have to go even longer in pain with no answers and no yoga.

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Happy New Year

2014 Resolutions


Happy new year! May this year treat you better than any year before. If you set resolutions, best of luck in making them happen. Personally, I do not do the resolution thing. I won’t go into why–I just don’t.

I do, however hope that 2014 is better than 2013. 2013 was balls! And, not in a good way. 2014 has a lot to make up for after 2013. Honestly, I have never had a spectacular year so the bar is set pretty low.

Anyway, on to new adventures in the new year!!

Happy Evaluate Your Life Day!

October 19th is National Evaluate Your Life Day, did you know that? I learned about it this year and in honor I am having a small gathering with friends. I am excited to take this on.  On this day you are asked to consider making positive changes in your life and appreciating the positive things you already have. To kick off the morning I am heading to an 8am Bikram Yoga class then to pick up some goodies that I am preparing for this evening.

This evening I am planning on getting together with few friends for food, drinks, and vision boarding. I have been promising to do some vision boarding since the summer and EYL-Day seems like a perfect time to do it.

I think this can be a really positive experience in general. However, the key to doing it well is to 1. Participants should be people you trust and don’t mind opening up to 2. It does not have to be serious and somber…fun is highly encouraged 3. Make it an event. Along with dinner and vision boarding I am bringing along Love Actually to kick off the holiday season and who knows what else we may get in to.

So if you can, take some time this weekend either with close friends or alone and think about where you would like to see your life go in the next 3, 6, or 12 months. Who knows, what comes out may surprise you.


Here are a couple of resources to get you going on EYL Day courtesy of International Coach Federation and Mitch Meyerson

Five questions to ask yourself:

  1. Where are you?
  2. Describe your current situation in three words.
  3. Think back to who you were five years ago. Are you (today) where you thought you would be?
  4. Where are you headed? Is it where you want to be? (If it isn’t, how can you get on the path you want to be on?)
  5. What adjustments must you make?


Workouts: Hot Yoga

I’m addicted!

Since May I have been attending and practicing hot yoga. I’m not gonna lie, I am usually the fattest kid in the class but I don’t let that stop me. Sure, there are tons of women that look like they stepped off the cover of a fitness magazine: with their flat abs, hot pants and bra tops. But no, not this lady.

So, what do I wear? I, like most of the women in the class wear dri-fit capris and tanks–DRI-FIT being the important factor here…trust me. There are tons of men in the class too which is pretty cool. I had never been in a workout with such gender diversity.

I was terrified before my first class. So like a true millennial, I took to Facebook to rant my fears. It worked! Everyone encouraged me and expressed some of the same fears I had about going. The motivation helped. I initially had a Groupon for 15 classes but soon before it ended I committed to a six month package.

Let me back up…

I had committed myself to being active. This was hard for me because I am not an athlete and I get bored easily. So, I did the what I am sure is common process when it comes to finding a workout. Here’s how that went: I got a gym membership, I went about 3-4 times a week for about six months–then I got bored. I ran/walked with friends, Andy (my dog), and alone—I got bored again and weather is unpredictable. I bought a Groupon for Barre. Barre was fun. It was convenient and I really liked that I could be in a class but not be jumping all over the place. Needless to say, I hate step classes, jazzercise, and zumba. All the jumping around and loudness is just not me. Barre did not last past the Groupon, it was ridiculously expensive and the environment was just not a good fit for me.  So, I went to hot yoga before my other Groupon expired and the rest is where we are now.

I attend some form of hot yoga at least three times a week ( I run or walk other days). I burn an incredible amount of calories and I am finding myself stronger an more flexible than before. I am able to do some things I have not been able to do since I was a kid…seriously. Although I do laundry like nobody’s business because of the heavy sweating. It is worth it. I have a great studio with AWESOME instructors and it is close to wear I live (hoot, hoot!). On top of that, I have met some really nice and encouraging people. It is also refreshing to see so many healthy bodies, many of the regulars are in incredible shape without looking like bobble heads.

   Standing Bow

26 Bikram poses

Oh and Lady Gaga does it 🙂

Eagle pose

Blogs I Love!! Carrots ‘N’ Cake

This is Tina and her pup Murphy

It’s that time again! I get a chance to share with you one of my favorite blogs. Today’s spotlight is on Carrots ‘N’ Cake.

CNC has become my go to for workouts and recipes. She has rekindled my love for cooking with fresh vegetables and made me fall in love with brussel sprouts. I generally eat healthy but this blog gives me tons of great ideas and I enjoy reading her stories and the fact she posts her and Mal’s (her hubbs) grocery list. Mal and her seem to have a great time and he does not seem to mind that she documents so much of their life on the blog. Tina has the great ability in her writing to make everyone feel welcome. She writes about family; but it’s not all my husband this, and my husband and I that. I appreciate that. She shows that there is more to life than OMG, I’m married! I have stopped following several blogs because of that reason…as a habitually single girl…that gets annoying quick. Don’t think I’m all bitter and stuff but seriously, it’s annoying. As I always say, “Seinfeld relates to life in so many ways” check out this video, Elaine runs into a similar issue. 

Anyway, back to the blog. Another great thing about the blog is that she incorporates a great deal about Murphy. Murphy is her much loved pug. Like me, Tina loves her pup and I enjoy seeing what Murphy gets into next. I like to think that he and Andy are distant friends 🙂

Check out Tina, Murphy and Mal at Carrots ‘N’ Cake

No more Ms. Nice Girl

no more nice girl


That’s it! I’ve had it, seriously. It seems like every time I do something nice, I get kicked in the ass all the time. I’m over it! All my life I have done the right thing, ignored and walked away from situations where I really wanted


to lose it and what do I have to show for it…NOTHING! Sure people say she is so nice and pleasant–but dammit pleasant don’t do a thing.

Woman Stressed


It’s seriously just is my nature. I don’t even think about it {being nice} until someone makes me aware it. For example, I have an elderly neighbor who gets the newspaper delivered daily. The lazy newspaper man just throws it toward her door, never checking to see if it actually gets to her. SO in steps stupid me…ugghh! Every morning as I walk out to walk Andy I stop pick up the paper and put it on the mat in front of her door–really, every morning. My rationale is that she will simply have to open the door and bend down and not scoot out the house and pick up the paper. No one ask that I do this and I don’t expect any reward, it just seems right.

Okay, so this is not saving the world but hey, its the little things, right?

I have my own daily stress but I still manage to call those people close to me and check to see how they are doing and so on. Do they even remotely return the sentiment? NO!! They only call when the need or want something–all the while still never bothering to even ask, “How are things going?” Most times they don’t even give a greeting and go right into what they need and what is bothering them–I’m not exaggerating here; people do this to me on a daily basis.

So, I’ve had enough! I’m done. I am verbally flipping you the bird and saying “Back the off and show some consideration!” From now on there is no more Ms. Nice Girl. Talk s*it, you’re getting it back and I don’t care if you’re feelings get hurt. This will now take place in every part of my life work, school, family life, strangers–you name it, they gettin’ it.nice girls dont get it

After doing some research on being too nice, I found out that this is a thing and there are books and a movement on The Nice Girl Syndrome.

nice girl syndrome


Besides, as I have learned from the title of this book–s*it’s about to get real.why men marry bitches

What I’m Watching: Psych

Psych stars James Roday and Dulé Hill New Season starts Wednesday, February 27, 10PM on USA

Not sure if I have mentioned this before, but if you follow me on Get Glue or Twitter, you know how much I love Psych. This show is one of the best on TV. The characters have such great chemistry and the two main characters are hilarious!

I have been a fan since the first episode and I have been loyal ever sense. This show is as quotable as they come and if you’re like me and my bestie, you can relate to some of the ridiculous stuff they do like: spontaneously making random jingles out of everyday conversation or being able to look your bestie in the eye and know exactly what’s about to go down…you got that tight, son.

The supporting cast is fantastic as well, Timothy Omundson, who plays Detective Carlton Lassiter, Junior Detective Juliet O’Hara played by Louisville native, Maggie Lawson (I totally remember her for the Fox 41 Kids Club), and Shawn’s dad Henry, played by Corbin Bernsen.

This is a crime show in which Shawn (Roday) and child-hood friend Gun (Hill) solve cases as consultants for the Santa Barbara Police Department. For the past six seasons, Shawn has been pretending to be a psychic by using the skills or “gifts” he was taught by his hard-nosed, by-the-book father, a former detective with the SBPD. Shawn has an eidetic memory, hyper observant, and the keen ability to deduce; which allows him to often one up the police on cases each week. Along with “side-kick” Gus, a type-A pharmaceutical sales rep with an encyclopedic knowledge of medicine and random facts such as the life cycle and mating of fleas to being a proud ferroequinologist.

There are a lot great of 80s references in the show and several homages to movies such as the The Shining, Friday the 13th, Any Given Sunday, and hopefully Clue to name a few. The writing is witty, but the characters are priceless–I love this show and have seen every episode more than I care to admit.

If you get a chance, tonight USA is showing a seven hours of Psych beginning at midnight and the new season starts on February 27, 10pm. Check it out, trust me you will love it!

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P.S.- I was right about Scandal wasn’t I?