Fashion: Remember When

Fashion: Remember When

Reebok and Slouch Socks


Who out there remembers this look–slouch socks and Reeboks!? I know, I do. Reeboks and all! This was my look for several reasons as a kid; 1. My mother approved, 2. I have very narrow feet (as mentioned in my search for running shoes) and doubling, even tripling the socks worked well for me, and 3. I had high-top Reeboks (yeah, the ones from the old school Jane Fonda videos) because I had weak ankles too.

Another thing, like a ton of other little girls born in the 80’s, I LOVED color! Punky Brewster was Vogue 🙂 So, I thought I was super fashionable when I would wear several different colors and alternate the sequence on each foot…BOOM! If you don’t know what I mean it looked a little something like this…I know, I know, I was awesome. How many of you took part in this look or any other trendy look from the 80’s or early 90’s? I even had the Honcho work boots to go along with my slouch socks—BALLA!

slouch socks


My Obsession: Kate Spade introduces Kate Spade Saturday

Hello my name is Keshia and I am addicted to Kate Spade, seriously obsessed. Check out this sneak peek of Kate Spade Saturday!


Disclaimer: No one is giving me anything to do this, this is simply fueled by my shameless obsession for Kate Spade stuff and in hopes of one day they will bring back the KS monogrammed shoes (or just one pair in my size)…just sayin’.

Blogs I Love!! The Feisty House

Photo from The Feisty House’s blog

For the past couple of years I have really been into blogs. Google Reader and Pulse have been my go to spots for tracking all my favs.

What I love about blogs is that the good ones tend to be genuine and relevant. Don’t get me wrong, I have a feeling that a lot of companies set up dummy blogs; so I do my best to vet blogs diligently before I follow them, if they become too commercial I cut them loose.

I have several blogs that I follow and I see so many interesting post that I want to share them all with everyone I know. So from now on and as time permits, I will post links to my favorite blogs and let you all know why I like them and why you should check them out.

For the most part,  I follow blogs that are relevant to me and my life. I look for inspiration and advice on recipes, fashion, relationships, books, beauty products, and hair care; just to name a few. I found some pretty amazing bloggers who either blog for a living or has a hobby. With all that said, let me introduce the first blog that I absolutely see as a go to, The Feisty House.

The Feisty House

The Feisty House is run by Krystal of Brooklyn, NY (she recently moved there from D.C.). The Feisty House is a lifestyle blog, discussing fashion, natural hair tips, make up and so much more. I love her post about fashion although our styles are a bit different, I love the way she boldly puts together pieces and makes them work. Truthfully, I think that is the key to fashion anyway…MAKE IT WORK!

Krystal also shares with readers her goals and dreams which is really cool and brave. As a burgeoning photographer, she has a great eye and has some really great pictures to share. I could go on, but this post is getting incredibly long—so just take my advice and check out The Feisty House.

Banana Republic Salutes Active and Retired Vets

50% off 3 full-priced items

All you need is your military identification active and veteran status. Also, they have interview tips and training at a few stores.

UPDATE: Running Shoes


A few days after my post about getting new running shoes, I received a call from Jeff at Fleet Feet Louisville and learned that the shoes I ordered did not come in the size I needed. 😦 Another set back. However, he encouraged me to come in and try on a few more pair because believe it or not I had not tried on the entire store. It took me a bit over a week to get back in and try some on…and today was the day. Apparently, I have been wearing the wrong size workout shoe for a while.

I learned today that only one shoe company makes the shoe size I need in women’s. I can’t wear men’s shoes because they are too wide in all the wrong places for my narrow feet. So, I threw down the gauntlet and after talking to the lovely ginger(red head) man at Fleet Feet Louisville and the trainee from Chicago I am now the owner of Asics (the link takes you to where they are a bit less expensive than I paid). I also purchased in-soles to help me gain a bit more stability and some much-needed arch support for my flat tootsies.

With my new shoes and compression socks from Fleet Feet Louisville…I am ready to go!

On your mark, get set, SHOP!!

Lucky Magazine offers tips on surviving hoilday shopping.

How do you manage shopping during the holidays?

World Natural Hair and Health Show








I went!! My first show. I had a great time with my mother and a bus of 48 other natural ladies! I am sure our driver had plenty of stories after the trip. He was the only male and white person on the bus. He not only heard about relaxers and twist but he also overheard several “us” movies like Brown Sugar, The Brothers, Good Hair, and Love Jones…Ha-Ha! We had a decent hotel and ATL as our playground. I met some Youtube super stars and blogger divas!

I puchased and snagged some quality goodies like Afroveda!! I have tried the Cocolatte and the Coconut Milk moisturizer and they are AMAZING! Can’t wait to try the Curl Define next. My new fav (see pics) accessories are LocSocs.