Today, I’m Cleaning Out My Closet

I have documented my struggles with coping with my closet (I know, total first word problem). So instead of complaining, moving, or buying more stuff to organize my stuff, I activated the six months to year rule. The rule being,if I had not worn it in six months to year it had to go (with the exception of professional work attire which I do not use at the moment). There was some stuff I had been holding on to since ’05-’06, for real, and to make matters worse, it still had tags on it–ya’ll!  I am not proud of this but, hey.

On a mission, I  blew off my normal workout and looked at this cleaning out process as cardio and strength training. I packed out several things that were just rags to the dumpster (2-4o gallon trash bags), 1 large Ikea bag was for consignment (Keshia gotta get paid 🙂 ), and  2 – 40 gallon bags for donation..I chose Goodwill. In the end I was rewarded with around 300 calories lost, $70 from consignment (this is a big deal–because I hardly ever pay full price for anything), supporting the mission of Goodwill (creating job opportunities for those willing to learn and work), and welcoming new space in my home, as well as finding some cool stuff I forgot I owned.

I still have a few other pieces I need to unload like some Vera Bradley & Coach accessories, and a pair of patent leather Cole Haan peep-toe pumps–I’ll get to it.

Once everything was out of the way I felt relieved. With the holidays and gifts being thrown around consider re-gifting or consignment to save money or donate to places like Goodwill to help others and your taxes.



Keshiablogs Yoga Gear

Keshiablogs Yoga Gear

Alo activewear top

Old navy activewear

C9 by champion

Under Armour hair accessory


Bath towel

My Dirty Little Secret Part 2: The Clean Out

It’s clean!! I cleaned out my closet. I can now see the floor and the wall…woo-hoo! My bedroom is now habitable. During the clean out I found several pairs of shoes I forgot I owned. Including the Cole Haan shiny, peep-toe pumps I wore to the presidental inaugauration. I knew I was going to be standing a great deal so I splurged. However, I have pretty narrow feet so my feet slide and my toes go through the peep. Besides, I hate my toes; but that is another story for another post.

Any who, I found shoes, handbags, jewelry, and clothes. Enough to fill FIVE bags!!! Including on of the big Ikea bags….I LOVE Ikea!!

So, to rid myself of this stuff I am puttinfg it all up for SALE!! I have tops sizes L-XL, jeans sizes 10-16, and shoes sizes 10 & 11 (mostly 11). Since everything is from Banana Republic, Gap, and Express for the most part I am sure I can get a good deal at consignment if it does not sell.

I planned to put pics up but then I again, I realized how much it is; so I am will give you a glimpse of all I had the energy to take a picture of this evening.

Nat and Matt, Esprit (Brown) and NY & Co, white

Never WornMost are new and or hardly worn

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