UPDATE: #GetCovered Testing the ‘Obamacare’ System

I could approach this from different ways, but I’m not. I’m a straight shooter and this issue is too important to dance around. So, here it goes.

The online process for signing up is not perfect, I got cut off several times, insurance language is confusing and if you have never signed up for insurance through work or on your own–I suggest you get help with signing up for ACA (Affordable Care Act) insurance. This is actually my only complaint, and really it is a word of caution. I expect bugs in a new system—ask Apple.

Kentucky has a pretty easy and effective system.

So about  the insurance

I have always had insurance through either my parents or I paid for it when I started my first full-time gig. Needless to say, I am aware of the cost associated. Through employers you often get a group rate which varies depending on your employer. 

Fortunately for this little experiment, I was in the midst of hopping from one job to another and I had 90 days between which I could pick up COBRA or go without insurance with no penalty. Yes, people there is a penalty if you are not covered and you have the opportunity to be–I know evil President, wants you to get healthy. What are those Obamas thinking?!? No, but seriously.

The plans are pretty sweet! Many were better than those offered by places I have worked. Not only that, the packages were better than what I had for my expiring policy and what COBRA was offering. The prices were nice too, between $150-$200 cheaper a month!! Yeah, it actually saved me money. 

Like I said, I have no dog in this fight (by that way, that is a terrible metaphor and dog fighting is horrendous) and I am still thinking folks should check this out when considering insurance.

Enrollment is now closed and is proposed to re-open November 15, 2014 – February 15, 2015, according to healthcare.gov.

Before, I go on a rant about politics and who is right and wrong (no one is) I can’t rationalize why someone would not want to save money on health insurance. Whether people look or not is on them–I say give it a whirl, if it kills you well…


UPDATE: Forget the Politics, Just Get Covered…Documenting My Experience

KY’s Healthcare Exchange is kynect

In an effort to practice what I preach, I am going on to the Kentucky “Obamacare” site and apply for healthcare. I will then share my experience and give honest feedback. If you don’t know already, Kentucky, has been praised for it’s effort in making access to healthcare as simple and efficient as possible. I’ll give a grade later 😉

Full disclosure: I am in no way part of any political campaign or cause. I am not receiving anything in exchange for my opinion. I am doing this solely because I am sick of hearing people complain and quite frankly, I want to see what happens. In short, This is all me, people!

Forget the Politics, just #GetCovered by 3/31/2014



Happy New Year

2014 Resolutions


Happy new year! May this year treat you better than any year before. If you set resolutions, best of luck in making them happen. Personally, I do not do the resolution thing. I won’t go into why–I just don’t.

I do, however hope that 2014 is better than 2013. 2013 was balls! And, not in a good way. 2014 has a lot to make up for after 2013. Honestly, I have never had a spectacular year so the bar is set pretty low.

Anyway, on to new adventures in the new year!!

Today, I’m Cleaning Out My Closet

I have documented my struggles with coping with my closet (I know, total first word problem). So instead of complaining, moving, or buying more stuff to organize my stuff, I activated the six months to year rule. The rule being,if I had not worn it in six months to year it had to go (with the exception of professional work attire which I do not use at the moment). There was some stuff I had been holding on to since ’05-’06, for real, and to make matters worse, it still had tags on it–ya’ll!  I am not proud of this but, hey.

On a mission, I  blew off my normal workout and looked at this cleaning out process as cardio and strength training. I packed out several things that were just rags to the dumpster (2-4o gallon trash bags), 1 large Ikea bag was for consignment (Keshia gotta get paid 🙂 ), and  2 – 40 gallon bags for donation..I chose Goodwill. In the end I was rewarded with around 300 calories lost, $70 from consignment (this is a big deal–because I hardly ever pay full price for anything), supporting the mission of Goodwill (creating job opportunities for those willing to learn and work), and welcoming new space in my home, as well as finding some cool stuff I forgot I owned.

I still have a few other pieces I need to unload like some Vera Bradley & Coach accessories, and a pair of patent leather Cole Haan peep-toe pumps–I’ll get to it.

Once everything was out of the way I felt relieved. With the holidays and gifts being thrown around consider re-gifting or consignment to save money or donate to places like Goodwill to help others and your taxes.


Happy Evaluate Your Life Day!


October 19th is National Evaluate Your Life Day, did you know that? I learned about it this year and in honor I am having a small gathering with friends. I am excited to take this on.  On this day you are asked to consider making positive changes in your life and appreciating the positive things you already have. To kick off the morning I am heading to an 8am Bikram Yoga class then to pick up some goodies that I am preparing for this evening.

This evening I am planning on getting together with few friends for food, drinks, and vision boarding. I have been promising to do some vision boarding since the summer and EYL-Day seems like a perfect time to do it.

I think this can be a really positive experience in general. However, the key to doing it well is to 1. Participants should be people you trust and don’t mind opening up to 2. It does not have to be serious and somber…fun is highly encouraged 3. Make it an event. Along with dinner and vision boarding I am bringing along Love Actually to kick off the holiday season and who knows what else we may get in to.

So if you can, take some time this weekend either with close friends or alone and think about where you would like to see your life go in the next 3, 6, or 12 months. Who knows, what comes out may surprise you.


Here are a couple of resources to get you going on EYL Day courtesy of International Coach Federation and Mitch Meyerson

Five questions to ask yourself:

  1. Where are you?
  2. Describe your current situation in three words.
  3. Think back to who you were five years ago. Are you (today) where you thought you would be?
  4. Where are you headed? Is it where you want to be? (If it isn’t, how can you get on the path you want to be on?)
  5. What adjustments must you make?


Andy Chronicles: Andy Update!

My boy. My sweet, crazy boy. Seriously, Andy gets me through a great deal. He is so funny and sweet–he is truly the love of my life. I often credit him with why it was meant for me to relocate back to Louisville. If I had not moved here, I would have never had the chance to meet him and I worry about where he would have ended up.

My boy is a bit of a challenge around men and other animals, but we have come a looooong way. It gets to the point now that I can not hear the word Andy without getting all gooey, which is not a good thing when you are in work meetings. The CEO where I work now knows I go to a happy place whenever he says Andy and as a result–I am likely not listening anymore…oops.

As I mentioned, Andy started out as a foster and after a year of potential folks deciding to not adopt him because of the way he reacts to men and other animals…I adopted him. I have learned so much about him and myself which I did not expect.

For example, I have always knew I did not want children due to the fact, I thought I would be a terrible mom. I am impatient which makes me a terrible nurturer and honestly I don’t like being bothered all the time…I don’t have time for that. However, since I have had Andy, I realized my concern was not that I am terrible at nurturing but I am a Woody Allen type worrier. My kid would have to live in a bubble! I will always consider the worst case scenario. In short, Andy has changed my mind on that–given the appropriate time of course.

More importantly I have learned about Andy. Andy’s aggression is because of two things: fear and not understanding how to react. Andy is brave, the only thing that truly scares him are people. To me that says a lot. He is unshaken by fireworks, thunder, and the vacuum. But if a man reaches down to touch him, he loses it. He does this with some women too but usually when he feels vulnerable. We have gotten to a point where he will tolerate a male if the male is sitting and allows Andy to come to him. The man must not initiate contact and if he has food that helps too 🙂 I have also Andy learned is not the best running partner. He sniffs every blade of grass and lifts his leg to “pee” way too much and most of the time he is not even peeing. Also, Andy has the habit of stopping at not the greatest times and sits, lays, or roll around in the grass (you know I have photos).

Andy's rude awkening

My little loveball My little loveball

What now?

What now?











Thanks for letting me share on Andy…I will do my best to keep you posted on our adventures together.

Andy during our "Run"