Andy Chronicles: Andy Update!

My boy. My sweet, crazy boy. Seriously, Andy gets me through a great deal. He is so funny and sweet–he is truly the love of my life. I often credit him with why it was meant for me to relocate back to Louisville. If I had not moved here, I would have never had the chance to meet him and I worry about where he would have ended up.

My boy is a bit of a challenge around men and other animals, but we have come a looooong way. It gets to the point now that I can not hear the word Andy without getting all gooey, which is not a good thing when you are in work meetings. The CEO where I work now knows I go to a happy place whenever he says Andy and as a result–I am likely not listening anymore…oops.

As I mentioned, Andy started out as a foster and after a year of potential folks deciding to not adopt him because of the way he reacts to men and other animals…I adopted him. I have learned so much about him and myself which I did not expect.

For example, I have always knew I did not want children due to the fact, I thought I would be a terrible mom. I am impatient which makes me a terrible nurturer and honestly I don’t like being bothered all the time…I don’t have time for that. However, since I have had Andy, I realized my concern was not that I am terrible at nurturing but I am a Woody Allen type worrier. My kid would have to live in a bubble! I will always consider the worst case scenario. In short, Andy has changed my mind on that–given the appropriate time of course.

More importantly I have learned about Andy. Andy’s aggression is because of two things: fear and not understanding how to react. Andy is brave, the only thing that truly scares him are people. To me that says a lot. He is unshaken by fireworks, thunder, and the vacuum. But if a man reaches down to touch him, he loses it. He does this with some women too but usually when he feels vulnerable. We have gotten to a point where he will tolerate a male if the male is sitting and allows Andy to come to him. The man must not initiate contact and if he has food that helps too 🙂 I have also Andy learned is not the best running partner. He sniffs every blade of grass and lifts his leg to “pee” way too much and most of the time he is not even peeing. Also, Andy has the habit of stopping at not the greatest times and sits, lays, or roll around in the grass (you know I have photos).

Andy's rude awkening

My little loveball My little loveball

What now?

What now?











Thanks for letting me share on Andy…I will do my best to keep you posted on our adventures together.

Andy during our "Run"


Andy Chronicles: New Haircut

My boy got a new haircut. He loves it and the shop did an AMAZING job!!  Needless to say we will be heading back there.  Hopefully the relationship works out.  Andy is a bit of a pill to swallow, so I worry when I take him to new places…I fear someone may get too rough or annoyed and hurt him (I worry).  He has is issues but then again…who doesn’t.  The place I took him is Connie’s Groom Room on Taylorsville Road in Louisville, KY.  It was close to home and came recommeded from someone at work. The prices are affordable and he looked and smelled great. 

Just look at the end result!

The Andy Chronicles: Meet Andy

My puppy-duppy-luppy, my Andito-blito-splito, my buddy, my sheeky!  All the names I call him and so many more… I am surprised he actually knows real name…Andy.  Andy is my foster pup which I have had for almost a year.  He is what I have deemed a Shwestie (Shih-tzu/Westie).  He is almost 3-years old (his birthday is May 30).  This little guy is amazing.  I took him in for temporary foster but he has yet to find a home and we have become practically inseparable.  He is the opposite of everything I wanted in a dog petite, white, and a shedder.

I wear lots of black so this is a problem and I hate having to vacuum 2-3 times a week…uggh!  But, he is worth it. Andy is a character all his own.  He loves the ladies and children but is deathly terrified of men and has space issues with other dogs (they can’t get too close).  This comes from his past of being abused and crated with several other dogs in a puppy mill. 

Other than those few things he is great!!  He adores kids…not teenage boys.  Loves girls and women.  He is house trained and loves being the man of the house.  He has two besties; his cousins Bean and Tank 55 and 65 pound boxers, respectively.  Andy is around 18 pounds. 

He is such a character, I have decided to introduce him to the blog and start his own segment, The Andy Chronicles.

Stay tuned!

Update: Maggie

This is by far the hardest post I have written. I was shocked at my reaction to turning over Maggie to her new owners. Perhaps it was because I don’t feel as though I had a proper goodbye with her or just maybe I got more attached to her than I did my other fosters. I think her back story had a lot to do with my need to take care of her and protect her from everything. I worried constantly if she had enough food (the week-and-a-half that I had her she gained 2 whole pounds!), water, and if she was comfortable. Also, her personality came  through; she went from a shy pup afraid of letting anyone near her to going up to everyone and everything (including mothering ducks 🙂 she learned that lesson fast). She also began to push the limits. She began to walk more confidently and sleep more securely.

As I lose the battle to holding back tears typing this out I am happy that Maggs went to loving home where she has an elder sister dog to play with and a very loving mom and dad that instantly fell in love her…quite frankly it is very easy to do.

I am on my third day without her and I am still blubbering like an idiot but again…I am happy for her.

Check out these vids of Maggie vs my work boot.

Update: Maggie and Me this Weekend

This was my first weekend with Maggs!  She is a doll and getting very comfortable with people, other dogs, and MY SHOES!!  She has moved 30 percent of my shoes  from the bedroom to the living room.  She has come a very long way in a week and I am so proud of the progress she has made with trusting those around her and branching out.  She still refuses to walk on a leash and as  compromise will walk along with me. 

This weekend we went to her appointment to the vet in hopes of getting her girlie parts fixed but because of the fluid still in her lungs from being dumped over a bridge she was unable to have her procedure. We will try again tomorrow or Wednesday.  I also heard a bit more of her story. Apparently, the kindness of a homeless man is what saved Sweet Maggs. He heard her cries for help and tried to save her and her brothers and sisters but only she survived. (on a side note: The following weekend after Maggs and family were dumped someone else decided to follow suit and dump their pups as too…SICK! However they were caught and will be prosecuted–AWESOME!)

Another exciting thing happened to Maggs this weekend…SHE GOT A BATH!! Due to her dry skin I felt sorry for the girl and gave her a bath using Shea Moisture Deep Cleaning Black Soap Shampoo and Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Conditioner both items I use and love and it left her hair shiny, soft, and smelling great and also curbed the itching 🙂 The entire time she shook and was basically freaking out. It took her about 45 minutes after the bath to calm down.  After the bath she would not leave the doorway of my bedroom 😦 but being the trooper she is she came around after napping wrapped in a towel under some heat.

Hopefully she will get to go to her new family this week and play with her new sister and be loved on by her new mom and dad.

She played and slept hard the rest of the weekend!