All About Keshia

Dogs, Yoga, Reading, and Coffee.

Being attacked by vicious pitbull

10 things about me (just because you’re here and I kinda like you)

1. I  LOVE my ANDY!!

2. I have a weakness for all things awesome

3. I’m lactose intolerant but terrible at it

4. I enjoy escaping in a good book…usually literature because my BFF is a fiction writer and turned me on to it.

5. I’m a Bikram junkie. You can find me there (schedule permitting) 3-4 times a week

6.  I am in grad school.

7. I have natural hair– no chemicals…please!  I have no idea what type. Just that it is mine.

8. When I was young my dream job was to be a witch like Samantha with a smidge of Endora.

9.  Did I mention, I LOVE ANDY

10.  I believe people should adopt their pets before buying from a breeder.


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