UPDATE: Forget the Politics, Just Get Covered…Documenting My Experience

KY’s Healthcare Exchange is kynect

In an effort to practice what I preach, I am going on to the Kentucky “Obamacare” site and apply for healthcare. I will then share my experience and give honest feedback. If you don’t know already, Kentucky, has been praised for it’s effort in making access to healthcare as simple and efficient as possible. I’ll give a grade later ūüėČ

Full disclosure: I am in no way part of any political campaign or cause. I am not receiving anything in exchange for my opinion. I am doing this solely because I am sick of hearing people complain and quite frankly, I want to see what happens. In short, This is all me, people!


Forget the Politics, just #GetCovered by 3/31/2014



On the Injured List: Pinched Nerve and Epidural Injection

ESI for Lumbar Pain

Monday, I went in for my first of three epidural injections. Unlike the injections given to women in labor, these injections are to help inflammation of the disc in my spine–which is pushing against my nerve. I was terrified of the experience. I hate needles and the thought of how it was going to go down, scared the crap out of me.

Here is a brief description, if you are interested: A nurse came in and took all my vitals and briefed me on what was about to happen. First step was to tell me that I would not be able to drive if given a mild sedative, but I could, ¬†if I decided to go for the local, topical solution. I took the latter. I wanted to be fully aware of what was happening and I could not guarantee that with a mild sedative. Second, I went into a room with two nurses and the doctor. I was hooked to more vital checking machines and laid face down, with my stomach on a pillow. Third, the doctor came in and and numbed the area. As he was looking at the area he was also checking an x-ray machine to ensure accuracy. As the needle went in, I screamed! Yeah, I felt it and it hurt. The doctor, promptly removed the needle and applied more numbing medication. Then, he went in again. This time, I felt nothing. Before I knew it–we were done. After that, I was led to recovery for 10 minutes and given a cold drink. Finally, I was told I could go home, but to take it easy the remainder of the day and to ice the injection area later that night.

The Day(s) After

Tuesday the pain had decreased, however, I still maintained a low profile.

Wednesday (Today), the pain is there but, not as bad as it had been. The only thing now is –wondering. Wondering when and how severe the pain will be when it comes back and what should I do do to protect myself. I am terrified of going back to yoga, but I am going to go back and give it a whirl with a less intense class. Running is out of the question. I have also been researching natural alternatives for joints, bones, and nerve health. ¬†And, I am ¬†seeing a massage therapist in hopes of finding some relief.

Wish me luck, say a prayer, or whatever. This is going to be a painstaking year.

Workout Stalled: On the injured list

Frustrating–to say the very least. I have been dealing with pain down the rear of my back leg since December. Initially, I thought it was centralized below my left cheek.

So, after a month, I decided to go see my primary care doctor and she told me it was likely sciatic tension in the muscle. With prescriptions for a steroid pack, ibuprofen, and an anti-inflammatory in hand and instructions to take them over the weekend and follow up on Monday. And oh yeah, no hot yoga for a week!! This may not seem like a big deal but at that time it was a recipe for disaster. I needed yoga to protect my sanity.

However, I followed orders. I walked four miles for two Sundays and meticulously watched what I ate. Upon the other recommendation of my doctor, I went to my first physical therapy appointment. In physical therapy, I was told the same thing and given some new exercises to do but, this time I got the clear for yoga! After some moderation in yoga and a decrease in pain, I thought everything was okay.

I was wrong.

Toward the end of February, pain was starting back up. I began to notice extra shaking in my left leg during my triangle but I thought I could work it out. That was until February 25th, during Hot Yoga Fusion. I could not even bend over with a straight back to touch my toes!! Are you kidding me?! I had just started to conquer the standing bow on both legs and, a sloppy, but accurate-ish standing head-to-knee, and now I could not even touch my TOES! Downward dog and planks were completely out of the question. In shame and frustration I left thirty minutes into the class. Defeated. I headed to the drugstore and decided to start cool therapy. I bought ice packs and the whole shebang.

It didn’t work.

By Thursday I was crying on the phone to my mom and considering calling an ambulance. Instead I went to immediate care. My pain was so intense, I could not sleep the night before nor sit comfortably. I felt the pain radiating from my lower back, down the back of my thigh, tightening and sharpening from my need down, to a numbness and tingling in left foot. It felt like three different types of pain on one side of my body. Immediate care ran x-rays and gave me similar pills but this time included a pill which I needed to give my social in order to buy. However, the pain was still there and my foot is in a constant state of “sleep”. ¬†Now, I have to get an MRI and speak to a neurosurgeon…whaa!! How did this even happen? I did nothing to warrant this–at all!

Anyway, the next day I was still feeling awful, so, to the ER I went. This time I got a CT scan and a shot of steroids to go with my pill cocktail…ugghh. Is this seriously what the medical profession is all about?? Medicating people and then giving them the side eye when you, the doctor, prescribes pain pills. Yeah, that happened.

So, here I am. ¬†Three months after my initial pain and still not able to feel my left toes. I had an appointment for an MRI on Today but I can’t get in to speak with the specialist until FRIDAY. Yes, I have to go even longer in pain with no answers and no yoga.

Graphic from painkickers.com