Workouts: Hot Yoga

I’m addicted!

Since May I have been attending and practicing hot yoga. I’m not gonna lie, I am usually the fattest kid in the class but I don’t let that stop me. Sure, there are tons of women that look like they stepped off the cover of a fitness magazine: with their flat abs, hot pants and bra tops. But no, not this lady.

So, what do I wear? I, like most of the women in the class wear dri-fit capris and tanks–DRI-FIT being the important factor here…trust me. There are tons of men in the class too which is pretty cool. I had never been in a workout with such gender diversity.

I was terrified before my first class. So like a true millennial, I took to Facebook to rant my fears. It worked! Everyone encouraged me and expressed some of the same fears I had about going. The motivation helped. I initially had a Groupon for 15 classes but soon before it ended I committed to a six month package.

Let me back up…

I had committed myself to being active. This was hard for me because I am not an athlete and I get bored easily. So, I did the what I am sure is common process when it comes to finding a workout. Here’s how that went: I got a gym membership, I went about 3-4 times a week for about six months–then I got bored. I ran/walked with friends, Andy (my dog), and alone—I got bored again and weather is unpredictable. I bought a Groupon for Barre. Barre was fun. It was convenient and I really liked that I could be in a class but not be jumping all over the place. Needless to say, I hate step classes, jazzercise, and zumba. All the jumping around and loudness is just not me. Barre did not last past the Groupon, it was ridiculously expensive and the environment was just not a good fit for me.  So, I went to hot yoga before my other Groupon expired and the rest is where we are now.

I attend some form of hot yoga at least three times a week ( I run or walk other days). I burn an incredible amount of calories and I am finding myself stronger an more flexible than before. I am able to do some things I have not been able to do since I was a kid…seriously. Although I do laundry like nobody’s business because of the heavy sweating. It is worth it. I have a great studio with AWESOME instructors and it is close to wear I live (hoot, hoot!). On top of that, I have met some really nice and encouraging people. It is also refreshing to see so many healthy bodies, many of the regulars are in incredible shape without looking like bobble heads.

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