Hot Yoga and Stress Relief

No equipment, just you.

It was a ridiculous summer. I took a break from my masters program and decided to get some rest and regroup. On top of that there were things I had to deal with at work and a  lot of  other stuff. Through all the change and challenge what kept me sane was the stability and peace of mind I received from doing hot yoga. I’ve done Bikram, Hot Vinyasa, Hot Fusion, and Hip and Torso conditioning to keep my knees and hip aligned for running.

Looking back I don’t know what I would have done to cope this summer without hot yoga being an option. I enjoy the fact I can go into a yoga class and be led with a group but I don’t have to talk to anyone and I don’t have to focus on anything else but my movements and my body.

I have become so in tune with my body that in late August when I felt my energy level drop and my temperature spiked a bit, I new something was wrong. A week later I found a lump on my neck. Never look on WebMD when you find a lump anywhere and take it as law. WebMD made me think I had a tumor and I freaked out the best way I knew how–by trying not to take it seriously. However, I did decide it was prudent to go to the doctor. The doctor informed me it was a swollen lymph-node.

I credit being observant of my body to hot yoga. Before I was so blah that I would have never noticed much of anything except craving toxic foods which can also lead to stress.

Hot yoga allows me the chance to sweat out the small stuff literally and figuratively. I get a lot of thinking done in the hour and a half I am there and one of my favorite things is coming to the realization that somethings are not as important as I initially thought they were.



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