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Blogs I Love: Girl with Curves


Girl with Curves (GWC) is one of the first blogs I ever followed. It was great seeing a beautiful curvy woman with style. Her outfit combinations are practical and accessible. I love that her fashion is not over-the-top yet simple and sophisticated. She models clothes from labels found in Every Mall, USA —she even makes Old Navy dresses look great, check out the picture to the left (yeah, that’s Old Navy). Fashion bloggers are so interesting to me because they are not afraid to put themselves out there. Honestly, I do not share that confidence. SO you are unlikely to see me posting pics of my “OOTD” that is Outfit of the Day in the fashion blog world.

I have actually thought about it though. Especially when I found myself in a job where I had to alter my normal wear to work dress. When you start a new job you have to adhere to culture or else you are a ticking time bomb to get the boot. This meant I had to invest in blue jeans…seriously I had like two pair. So after a year I found a way to mix my look with my new environment and I think I do pretty well.

Back to the point of the post. GWC is a great blog, Tanesha also covers beauty and has giveaways (I’ve never won) but they are usually pretty sweet. There are also times that she offers up the opportunity to shop her closet. Since I began following the blog I have seen it grow and incorporate new topics such as how-to’s and a lifestyle section. 

Finally, as I love all things culture Tanesha has an amazing genetic gene pool–as you can see she is stunning! She has several photos displaying Indian culture as well–which are amazing.  And to top it off she has great photos–usually taken by her hubby 🙂

If you get a chance, click over and check out her blog Girl With Curves