Fashion: Remember When

Fashion: Remember When

Reebok and Slouch Socks


Who out there remembers this look–slouch socks and Reeboks!? I know, I do. Reeboks and all! This was my look for several reasons as a kid; 1. My mother approved, 2. I have very narrow feet (as mentioned in my search for running shoes) and doubling, even tripling the socks worked well for me, and 3. I had high-top Reeboks (yeah, the ones from the old school Jane Fonda videos) because I had weak ankles too.

Another thing, like a ton of other little girls born in the 80’s, I LOVED color! Punky Brewster was Vogue 🙂 So, I thought I was super fashionable when I would wear several different colors and alternate the sequence on each foot…BOOM! If you don’t know what I mean it looked a little something like this…I know, I know, I was awesome. How many of you took part in this look or any other trendy look from the 80’s or early 90’s? I even had the Honcho work boots to go along with my slouch socks—BALLA!

slouch socks

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