Goodbye Google Reader, Hello Bloglovin’!

Bye Google Reader

As I’m sure you know by now Google Reader is going away…sad, I know. Since the news I have been diligently searching for a new home for all the blogs I love. I started with Pulse. Pulse was nice and graphically pleasing but limiting. I had to “follow” certain blogs and limit the number which I have and actually like. Next was Feedly. Feedly came highly recommended but oy, it was awful to look at and difficult to organize.

Then again, I said to myself “I need a new home for all the blogs I love!” So in a desperate attempt I Googled it!!! Low and behold it turned up Bloglovin‘…ha!


Bloglovin’, I’m liking so far. It’s easy to navigate, it has all my blogs, and like the other two clouds you can easily import your Google Reader with a simple click of a button.


Fashion: Remember When

Fashion: Remember When

Reebok and Slouch Socks


Who out there remembers this look–slouch socks and Reeboks!? I know, I do. Reeboks and all! This was my look for several reasons as a kid; 1. My mother approved, 2. I have very narrow feet (as mentioned in my search for running shoes) and doubling, even tripling the socks worked well for me, and 3. I had high-top Reeboks (yeah, the ones from the old school Jane Fonda videos) because I had weak ankles too.

Another thing, like a ton of other little girls born in the 80’s, I LOVED color! Punky Brewster was Vogue 🙂 So, I thought I was super fashionable when I would wear several different colors and alternate the sequence on each foot…BOOM! If you don’t know what I mean it looked a little something like this…I know, I know, I was awesome. How many of you took part in this look or any other trendy look from the 80’s or early 90’s? I even had the Honcho work boots to go along with my slouch socks—BALLA!

slouch socks