Online Dating…ehhh, not for me

There. I did it. I tried for a whole week and boy, was it the longest week EVER!! I joined three websites: OKCupid, JDate, & eHarmony…all three were a bust. Perhaps it is just me but the responses I got were…well…umm, yeah, no thank you.

It is bizarre to me at 40 years old men do not have their stuff together and of course those are the ones I attract. I am thrilled I did not devote too much to this process and not I can say, I did it.

Just to give you some idea of the stats

Guy A: Divorced, 42, frozen foods manager at a grocery store (is that even a thing, frozen food manager?!?!) his goal was to be the store manager–I guess by the time he was 50.

Guy B: Single, three kids, 41, claims his whole world revolves around his kids and sport (um, where would I fit in that equation?), loved sci-fi and graphic novels (this to me equals porn), works as an entrepreneur (um…unemployed)

Guy C: Single, wants kids, 38, likes quiet nights in except for the Friday nights when he and his date MUST hang out with his friends at a certain restaurant in the mall. (I can’t make this up people!!)

This is just a sample of the unbelievable shit that is my life. I know cursing is bad–dude, whatever; sometimes you just need to let it rip. All together now SHIIIT!

One thing that was really cool (well at least cool to me) I love playing with numbers and making them fit somewhere…in other words statistical analysis (and you wonder why I am single). Any who, based on the questions I answered at OkCupid, I got this lovely little chart letting me know the best and worst states and countries for me to find love. Guess what? I copied it just to share with you all 🙂Love Map


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