Hey girl, Why you writing that blog?

keys projectI have been asked this question more than once and I have also wondered if I should explain my intentions. So, okay. I initially started this blog to see if it would be good for work…it wasn’t. But I periodically came back and posted things here and there just because…well, just because I could. It’s fun and also an outlet. I get to express myself and hopefully find some validation on my random musings.

Then came the point, I became so involved with life I was just going to abandon ship on the blog because it had solved its main purpose. However in January of 2013–my half way point through my masters program, I landed in digital media studies. In this class one of our projects is to utilize some sort of social media for an autoethnography (An autoethnography is a form of autobiographical personal narrative that explores the writer’s experience of life). Part of the criteria of the project is to immerse yourself in a social media that you never used or rarely used. Since I am on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, and more for work, I am pretty well versed in most popular social media forms; so instead I chose this blog.
For this project I will continue to write original posts and include some reblogs in an effort to get you the reader to hopefully respond and interact with me. You can do this by commenting on post, liking posts, and sharing posts. I have been working on this for the past two weeks and I am pleasantly surprised by the feedback so far, but I hope to get more comments in the final two weeks before I collect my data.


So please be kind and help me get an “A”!

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