Andy Chronicles: Andy’s Favorite Things


Andy’s ready for a ride in the car.

I often get asked about Andy and what he likes–especially since he has such particular taste. My little guy is bourbon barrel full of laughs and each day he does something greater than the day before. I try to stick to Andy eating a pretty natural foods and treats. He has a chicken allergy, so I try to keep him away from all poultry. All of the items listed here are items I have purchased with my own money and have won the praise of my very particular pooch.


After several attempts at finding the right dry food Andy has settled nicely into EVO Small Bites-Red Meat Formula. I only know one place in Louisville, KY which sells this particular brand and that is Rainbow Market. I frequent the St. Matthews Location.

I like to mix a little wet food into Andy’s diet too. When I do I use EVO 95% Beef  or

Tripett Lamb or Beef Green Tripe

I also sometime make food myself for Andy using ground lamb, veggies, and brown rice.


Wellness WellBites are his fav! They are soft and Andy will do anything for one of these. His other favorite is a locally made treat that your pup can share with you 🙂

 Little Eatz are wonderful! They are human ingredients that you can share! At $3.99 a bag they are worth it!

Andy eats the Petite Lite.

Shampoo and Conditioner

The Hansen products are Andy’s product of choice the Banana-Nut Shampoo and the Cherry Re-Moist Leave in are what I like to use on his delicate, dry skin and super soft white fur. The are natural products and they smell AMAZING…truthfully, I have used the leave-in before and my hair was shiny and soft after 🙂

There you have it, Andy’s favs! As I mentioned before, Andy had a rough life before he came to me and I try my best to make his life as comfortable as possible…I think I’m doing okay 😉

Does your pooch have a favorite? If so, please share.

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