This explains things perfectly

This explains things so perfectly



Online Dating…ehhh, not for me

There. I did it. I tried for a whole week and boy, was it the longest week EVER!! I joined three websites: OKCupid, JDate, & eHarmony…all three were a bust. Perhaps it is just me but the responses I got were…well…umm, yeah, no thank you.

It is bizarre to me at 40 years old men do not have their stuff together and of course those are the ones I attract. I am thrilled I did not devote too much to this process and not I can say, I did it.

Just to give you some idea of the stats

Guy A: Divorced, 42, frozen foods manager at a grocery store (is that even a thing, frozen food manager?!?!) his goal was to be the store manager–I guess by the time he was 50.

Guy B: Single, three kids, 41, claims his whole world revolves around his kids and sport (um, where would I fit in that equation?), loved sci-fi and graphic novels (this to me equals porn), works as an entrepreneur (um…unemployed)

Guy C: Single, wants kids, 38, likes quiet nights in except for the Friday nights when he and his date MUST hang out with his friends at a certain restaurant in the mall. (I can’t make this up people!!)

This is just a sample of the unbelievable shit that is my life. I know cursing is bad–dude, whatever; sometimes you just need to let it rip. All together now SHIIIT!

One thing that was really cool (well at least cool to me) I love playing with numbers and making them fit somewhere…in other words statistical analysis (and you wonder why I am single). Any who, based on the questions I answered at OkCupid, I got this lovely little chart letting me know the best and worst states and countries for me to find love. Guess what? I copied it just to share with you all 🙂Love Map


No more Ms. Nice Girl

no more nice girl


That’s it! I’ve had it, seriously. It seems like every time I do something nice, I get kicked in the ass all the time. I’m over it! All my life I have done the right thing, ignored and walked away from situations where I really wanted


to lose it and what do I have to show for it…NOTHING! Sure people say she is so nice and pleasant–but dammit pleasant don’t do a thing.

Woman Stressed


It’s seriously just is my nature. I don’t even think about it {being nice} until someone makes me aware it. For example, I have an elderly neighbor who gets the newspaper delivered daily. The lazy newspaper man just throws it toward her door, never checking to see if it actually gets to her. SO in steps stupid me…ugghh! Every morning as I walk out to walk Andy I stop pick up the paper and put it on the mat in front of her door–really, every morning. My rationale is that she will simply have to open the door and bend down and not scoot out the house and pick up the paper. No one ask that I do this and I don’t expect any reward, it just seems right.

Okay, so this is not saving the world but hey, its the little things, right?

I have my own daily stress but I still manage to call those people close to me and check to see how they are doing and so on. Do they even remotely return the sentiment? NO!! They only call when the need or want something–all the while still never bothering to even ask, “How are things going?” Most times they don’t even give a greeting and go right into what they need and what is bothering them–I’m not exaggerating here; people do this to me on a daily basis.

So, I’ve had enough! I’m done. I am verbally flipping you the bird and saying “Back the off and show some consideration!” From now on there is no more Ms. Nice Girl. Talk s*it, you’re getting it back and I don’t care if you’re feelings get hurt. This will now take place in every part of my life work, school, family life, strangers–you name it, they gettin’ it.nice girls dont get it

After doing some research on being too nice, I found out that this is a thing and there are books and a movement on The Nice Girl Syndrome.

nice girl syndrome


Besides, as I have learned from the title of this book–s*it’s about to get real.why men marry bitches

To do or not to do: Online Dating

obline dating

I’m a born and raised Kentucky girl! Translation, it means that by the age of 25, if you’re not married and on your way to being knocked up then something is horribly wrong. Well, I have not been 25 for quite sometime and trust me at 25, I was certainly not thinking about being married or having a kid…I still was one! This notion of being married at such a young age still holds true in the Commonwealth. I recall sitting at a table full of liberal activist–well, liberal for Kentucky, and the consensus was if you’re not married by 30 then something is wrong with you. Wait, what?!?! So, what did I do? I picked up and moved to Washington, DC where things made sense. I could be young a free.

Move forward about 7 years and here I am back in Kentucky and running into all the same issues.

Since my move to Kentucky dating has been…um…well…let’s just say, I would rather stay at home with my dog or go for dinner with the girls.  Nothing wrong with that. There is nothing I appreciate more than a quiet Saturday evening at home with a glass of wine and When Harry Met Sally or You’ve Got Mail. Yeah, I’m one of those girls.

But the past year my schedule has been super hectic and there are just days when I’m not really in the mood to hang out with the girls and you can only see your dog lick himself so many times, so I need to find a boy to hang out with, right? In my day-to-day life I don’t meet many men believe it or not. Generally at school it’s all women, volunteering– I meet only women, and so on. So every other week this year someone is telling me to go online and in theory that sounds perfectly legitimate. I shop online, work online, learn stuff online; why not date?

Here’s why not. It’s creepy. People are crazy and what if no one responds? I can’t be a failure at something as simple as online dating…right? Also, I don’t want to run the risk of meeting:

This guy

This guy


this guy

this guy

I am just looking for a nice, funny, able to carry on a conversation guy without the crap. I don’t want to play games…I’m too old. I don’t want the stress…I have enough. And, I will NOT put up with BULLSHIT. Plain and simple, I want an adult who has their head on straight but likes to have fun. No, 34-year-old frat boys, wannabe thugs, wannabe rappers or whatever else is out there. Just be yourself and about something…stand for something!

And the all important thing, I don’t want to end up like this matchcom1 because when I get better–you better hope I don’t get better.

I know these are extreme and people have met some really great people on-line. So in order for me to try this what is a good site for Louisville, KY to meet decent people for online dating.

Please lend your advice.

Hey girl, Why you writing that blog?

keys projectI have been asked this question more than once and I have also wondered if I should explain my intentions. So, okay. I initially started this blog to see if it would be good for work…it wasn’t. But I periodically came back and posted things here and there just because…well, just because I could. It’s fun and also an outlet. I get to express myself and hopefully find some validation on my random musings.

Then came the point, I became so involved with life I was just going to abandon ship on the blog because it had solved its main purpose. However in January of 2013–my half way point through my masters program, I landed in digital media studies. In this class one of our projects is to utilize some sort of social media for an autoethnography (An autoethnography is a form of autobiographical personal narrative that explores the writer’s experience of life). Part of the criteria of the project is to immerse yourself in a social media that you never used or rarely used. Since I am on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, and more for work, I am pretty well versed in most popular social media forms; so instead I chose this blog.
For this project I will continue to write original posts and include some reblogs in an effort to get you the reader to hopefully respond and interact with me. You can do this by commenting on post, liking posts, and sharing posts. I have been working on this for the past two weeks and I am pleasantly surprised by the feedback so far, but I hope to get more comments in the final two weeks before I collect my data.


So please be kind and help me get an “A”!

What I’m Watching: Psych

Psych stars James Roday and Dulé Hill New Season starts Wednesday, February 27, 10PM on USA

Not sure if I have mentioned this before, but if you follow me on Get Glue or Twitter, you know how much I love Psych. This show is one of the best on TV. The characters have such great chemistry and the two main characters are hilarious!

I have been a fan since the first episode and I have been loyal ever sense. This show is as quotable as they come and if you’re like me and my bestie, you can relate to some of the ridiculous stuff they do like: spontaneously making random jingles out of everyday conversation or being able to look your bestie in the eye and know exactly what’s about to go down…you got that tight, son.

The supporting cast is fantastic as well, Timothy Omundson, who plays Detective Carlton Lassiter, Junior Detective Juliet O’Hara played by Louisville native, Maggie Lawson (I totally remember her for the Fox 41 Kids Club), and Shawn’s dad Henry, played by Corbin Bernsen.

This is a crime show in which Shawn (Roday) and child-hood friend Gun (Hill) solve cases as consultants for the Santa Barbara Police Department. For the past six seasons, Shawn has been pretending to be a psychic by using the skills or “gifts” he was taught by his hard-nosed, by-the-book father, a former detective with the SBPD. Shawn has an eidetic memory, hyper observant, and the keen ability to deduce; which allows him to often one up the police on cases each week. Along with “side-kick” Gus, a type-A pharmaceutical sales rep with an encyclopedic knowledge of medicine and random facts such as the life cycle and mating of fleas to being a proud ferroequinologist.

There are a lot great of 80s references in the show and several homages to movies such as the The Shining, Friday the 13th, Any Given Sunday, and hopefully Clue to name a few. The writing is witty, but the characters are priceless–I love this show and have seen every episode more than I care to admit.

If you get a chance, tonight USA is showing a seven hours of Psych beginning at midnight and the new season starts on February 27, 10pm. Check it out, trust me you will love it!

Fan created tag lines 🙂

P.S.- I was right about Scandal wasn’t I?

My Obsession: Kate Spade introduces Kate Spade Saturday

Hello my name is Keshia and I am addicted to Kate Spade, seriously obsessed. Check out this sneak peek of Kate Spade Saturday!


Disclaimer: No one is giving me anything to do this, this is simply fueled by my shameless obsession for Kate Spade stuff and in hopes of one day they will bring back the KS monogrammed shoes (or just one pair in my size)…just sayin’.