Work It! Search Continues for a New Workout Shoe

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13 Women’s Running Shoe

For over a year now I have been seeking out a good cross training shoe. I  need a shoe that can withstand the outside and yet still be comfortable enough to wear to the gym…I need cross function.

This may sound easy with so many shoes on the market…but trust me it isn’t. Here’s why, I have a long narrow foot, with a mild pronation, and on top of it all…I have no arch, 100% flat. To add to the misery I am a pretty nice sized lady, and I stand at 5’9…so you see my dilemma. I am not that girl that says “oh, my feet are so long…I wear a size 8!” Chick please! I have not been a shoe size 8 since elementary school.  I initially thought I was an 11 until late last year…my feet had grown..ugghh!

So, after 2 very long trips to my local running shoe store and after running the staff crazy–I settled on a pair of Asics. What I wanted to feel, was like I did when I was a kid and got new shoes. I wanted to feel like I could run faster, jump higher and kick a bad guys butt.  I didn’t get that with the Asics…I just didn’t.

Now almost a year later I am at it again, looking for new shoes. I went back to my local Fleet Feet and still they wanted to put me in the upgraded version of the Ascis—no, then I tried Saucony. These felt good, but I had to go to the men’s sizes 😦

Don’t get me wrong not all men shoes are hideous, but these were. So, as a 5’9, shapely female, wearing men’s shoes that look incredibly macho– is not a good look or a good feeling.  So the Saucony’s were not going to work either.

Feeling down but not 100% out, I went to the internet and based on what I learned at the shoe store, I found a shoe that just might work. The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13 Running shoe.  At $110, these shoes are kind of my last resort. I am expecting my package to come November 20th and I can’t wait to share the final verdict with you on how they fit and feel.


Note: These shoes are being purchased with my own money. I am receiving no compensation for this and Brooks Running, quite frankly does not even know I am alive.


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