Careerist: How Do You Know When You Are Burned Out?

I ran across this great article on Learnvest.  Learnvest is a pretty cool website that is targeted toward women.  Its post are on life, finances, and so on.

I saw the article at a very interesting time as I have been on bed rest and have had tons of time to think and contemplate…everything.  Written by Gabrielle Karol (I always liked the name Gabrielle) the article titled Why Women Are Burning Out at Work Before 30 hit extremely close to home.  I have to admit I have displayed all the symptoms mentioned in the article (as well has hair loss, weight gain, skin issues) and so have some people I know.  We however came up with other reasons for the issues.  We figured we were just not sure what we really wanted. Because who was really happy at what they were doing and where their life was?

Get this, apparently IT’S A PANDEMIC!!  The article states, “Burnout is a psychological stress syndrome that occurs as a “response to chronic emotional and interpersonal stressors on the job.” Besides feelings of excessive stress, burnout can ruin personal relationships and cause fatigue, insomnia, depression and anxiety.”

Check out the article and share what you think?

One thought on “Careerist: How Do You Know When You Are Burned Out?

  1. Good practical advice. In a high burnout field, I am surprised that moving to a low performing, high poverty school that was actually “closed down” a few years ago because scores were so bad is making me feel so rejuvenated already.

    Most important tip, learned this from Phoebe Wood who learned it from Teddy Roosevelt, do what you, with what you have, where you are. He was a Buddhist and didnt know it.

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