What I’m Watching: Scandal on ABC

I have been so excited  for four months to see Scandal with Kerry Washington.   Since,  I first heard the premise of the show and the fact that the beautiful and talented  Kerry Washington was leading the cast which includes Guillermo Diaz (LOVE) I knew I had to watch.  However, I do have another motive for watching the show…She is a crisis communicator!!!!!  I have always admired those with the job of  making you see a new side to what is there.  I hope to do more in that capacity one day…I do a bit of it at work now, but it does not really count, because I work for an organization with an incredible mission.

But, just to get myself prepared for the future I am currently in grad school pursuing my Masters Degree to enhance my understanding of the theories behind communication and this show so far has hit on a couple…I can’t wait see more! 


The first episode was good!  It had a few of those awkward camera moments; that most new shows have but I am sure it will find its way soon.  Did I mention this is a Shonda Rhimes project…it is, so you know it has to be the BUSINESS.  Also, the fashions should be pretty sweet too for the young professional sect.  FYI…Kerry gives great insight on the show and who she wears on Twitter her handle is @kerrywashington.

Another notable tidbit I found out about this show is, Kerry Washington is the first black female lead in primetime on a major network in like THREE DECADES!!

That is exciting for many reasons and it is even more exciting because it is a good show because time is too precious to be watching crap…just saying.

Scandal is on ABC, Thursday night at 10pm EST after Grey’s Anatomy.  Check it out.

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