The Andy Chronicles: Meet Andy

My puppy-duppy-luppy, my Andito-blito-splito, my buddy, my sheeky!  All the names I call him and so many more… I am surprised he actually knows real name…Andy.  Andy is my foster pup which I have had for almost a year.  He is what I have deemed a Shwestie (Shih-tzu/Westie).  He is almost 3-years old (his birthday is May 30).  This little guy is amazing.  I took him in for temporary foster but he has yet to find a home and we have become practically inseparable.  He is the opposite of everything I wanted in a dog petite, white, and a shedder.

I wear lots of black so this is a problem and I hate having to vacuum 2-3 times a week…uggh!  But, he is worth it. Andy is a character all his own.  He loves the ladies and children but is deathly terrified of men and has space issues with other dogs (they can’t get too close).  This comes from his past of being abused and crated with several other dogs in a puppy mill. 

Other than those few things he is great!!  He adores kids…not teenage boys.  Loves girls and women.  He is house trained and loves being the man of the house.  He has two besties; his cousins Bean and Tank 55 and 65 pound boxers, respectively.  Andy is around 18 pounds. 

He is such a character, I have decided to introduce him to the blog and start his own segment, The Andy Chronicles.

Stay tuned!

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