First Run of 2012

Yesterday, I took my first run of the new year at Seneca Park in Louisville. I was supposed to meet a group of ladies from Junior League but I of course was running late…so instead I brought Andy. Probably not the best idea considering he wanted to sniff and lift at every tree and pole in the place…ugghh boys.

Because, I have not run since July 2011. We went around once and it was more walking than running to be honest. But I got to try out my new shoes!! It did however cross my mind that I would get my shoes dirty on the first run out then I realized that was stupid and kept going O_0.

I am hoping the running will not only get me in shape but help me relieve tension and stress. My schedule is crazy and anytime I can do physical activity and clear my head…COUNT ME IN! So with the first fun/walk in for the year I am hoping I can find time in to do it or something else every day and feel free to take Sundays off.

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