UPDATE: Running Shoes


A few days after my post about getting new running shoes, I received a call from Jeff at Fleet Feet Louisville and learned that the shoes I ordered did not come in the size I needed. 😦 Another set back. However, he encouraged me to come in and try on a few more pair because believe it or not I had not tried on the entire store. It took me a bit over a week to get back in and try some on…and today was the day. Apparently, I have been wearing the wrong size workout shoe for a while.

I learned today that only one shoe company makes the shoe size I need in women’s. I can’t wear men’s shoes because they are too wide in all the wrong places for my narrow feet. So, I threw down the gauntlet and after talking to the lovely ginger(red head) man at Fleet Feet Louisville and the trainee from Chicago I am now the owner of Asics (the link takes you to zappos.com where they are a bit less expensive than I paid). I also purchased in-soles to help me gain a bit more stability and some much-needed arch support for my flat tootsies.

With my new shoes and compression socks from Fleet Feet Louisville…I am ready to go!


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