Big Girls Don’t Cry

 I am shocked with the overwhelming response to the post about limerance. The comments were amazing and I wanted to respect those who asked that I not publicly post their comments. Dealing with heartache is not easy, especially when you hear that the person you have been aching for has moved on and gotten married, engaged, or in one case “came out”. I am not a doctor or therapist by any means but before you think it is never going to end or are still in denial with that little voice in back of your head telling you, he still likes you or that this is just the set up and it is going to turn into one of those romance movies from Nora Ephron–I suggest you evaluate yourself or pay a professional to do it for you. Most times when it’s over…it really is over.  Take it as a life lesson and grow from it. Use the opportunity to better yourself. Re-direct your energy into something positive like picking new hobby. I don’t suggest however transferring the feelings onto someone else that in itself is just a bad idea all around. But again, I stress I am not a doctor and this is solely my opinion.

I do hope that everyone finds the help they need and are not afraid to ask for it. Please feel free to keep sending the comments I am happy to respond and listen most of all. Also, don’t be afraid as the article suggested to consider anti-anxiety medication or anti-depressant if your doctor believes that is a viable option. Trust me Zoloft is the new black. Just kidding. Seriously, the best way to move on is to in the words of Nike, Just do it. I know it is a lot easier said than done but after years of wanting something you are never going to get anyway; what do you have to lose?

So in the words of the AMAZING Fergie…I got some straightening out to do. I’m going to miss you like a child misses their blanket but I’ve got to get a  move on with my life…Big Girls Don’t Cry.

One of my favorite quotes from President Obama is  “Our future is not written for us but by us” I share this with you because I want you to see that there is so much more and if you want it–do what it takes to get it because in the instance of another AWESOME song to which I love!!!! Your future is Unwritten 🙂

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