Worklife: Should You Do More or Do Only What is Asked?

I admit, I’m a workaholic. Admittance is the first step–right? However, I have been debating an issue with friends for a few months now and we have all have different answers so which is the right answer for a successful career?

So I am going to poise it to you. The four people or so that actually read this 🙂 At work in order to excel should you go above and beyond or only do what is in your job description?

I am  from the belief of if there is hole in order for me to get something done and it hasn’t been done…I take it on. I feel that in order to do my job effectively and show that I deserve a better title, more money , and room for advancement that I should step outside the job description.

You are here.

I am starting to think I am worng. SO wrong that I see people around me who are moving up and they have less experience or the same as I do but they are making more money and have better titles. Not that I am a title groupe but seriously–they don’t make them for nothing.

What do you think?

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