Considering a 2012 Challenge.


I have become addicted to BossyGirl1980’s blog. I have been considering of getting involved in a couple of challenges for a while but me I forget to track my progress on the blog or I forget all togerther about the challenge. However, she has set up a program I think I can follow and um, remember. I have not consistently worked out since 2005-2006 and I was oh—40 pounds lighter (insert cringe here). Without further ado here is the challenge if you would like to join in! I plan on buying running shoes this weeknd or next week for real this time.

New Year Resolutions…Weight Loss Challenge 101

With the New Year comes a lot of promises if eating right, exercising and trying to become a better person. For a while people stick to all of their goals but then something happens (miss a workout, scale says you gained weight, you get frustrated,etc) and you stop with all of your plans. Before you know it it’s December and you have lost ZERO pounds. Nada.Nothing. Before you spend 2012 like you did 2011, I have something for you. Before I go into what  this challenge is going to be like like me show you a picture. Here goes…
From November 2010 to December 2011

So if you look at my montage of photos, you notice that on the first slide I weighed a massive 225 pounds. Yep, my arms were jiggly, my stomach looked like I was still pregnant and my self esteem was in the pits. Ever since having my two toddlers I had let myself go..

But in November 2010 I decided a needed a change.

I began to workout.

I decided to give a damn about what I put in my mouth and my head.

I began to hold myself accountable.

I decided to change me.

Now on December 29, 2011 I am 32 pounds smaller; however that is not enough.

I weigh 196 pounds ( I apparently gained 6 pounds over Christmas Break but I’ll weigh myself in the morning to be sure) and for someone  of my frame I need to be at most 150 pounds.

Hence here comes the FIRST challenge for 2012. (Yes there will be more)

A challenge that is not interested in counting points or scolding you for not eating rabbit food  all day but one that will encourage and hold you accountable every step of the way.

Challenge : Pick a weight loss goal for yourself for the next 90 days (every 90 days you will change your goals).  For me, I want to lose 25-30 pounds. Now  for me that is reasonable because it calculates to 2 pounds per week but pick a goal that is reasonable to you. Remember that you have the whole year to lose  so don’t get all crazy this first time!

Now that’s the easy part..right..picking a goal. However, how will you reach it? Simple by using S.M.A.R.T. management of goals.

This is how the challenge will work:

1. Every week participants will weigh in on Sunday morning. Take a picture of your weight and/or measurements and post them on the weekly weigh in chart (coming this Sunday) on this blog.

2. Participants will commit to exercising (what ever form suits you) for 4 days a week for 45 minutes each session.

3. Through Skype (User Name: BossyGirl) or Twitter (@bossygirl1980) we will have a weekly chat about our successes, failures and hang ups for the week under the hashtag #fitbossychicks on Monday night at 9pm EST.

4. Employ some type of online weight loss tool such as : Lose It, Spark People, etc to track your weight loss and fitness. These tools will tell you how many calories  you need a day and has the calculate the meal plans, etc right for you.

On April 1st, 2012 we will videotape our final weigh in and the winner will receive fabulous natural hair prizes courtesy of BossyGirl (me)!!!

So what do you have to do to enter? Get your doctor’s permission. Then, leave a comment and on January 1st we start!!!

Remember the saying, “summer bodies are made in the winter!”

So are  you down? Don’t be scared of the “new you”!!!

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