My Dirty Little Secret Part 2: The Clean Out

It’s clean!! I cleaned out my closet. I can now see the floor and the wall…woo-hoo! My bedroom is now habitable. During the clean out I found several pairs of shoes I forgot I owned. Including the Cole Haan shiny, peep-toe pumps I wore to the presidental inaugauration. I knew I was going to be standing a great deal so I splurged. However, I have pretty narrow feet so my feet slide and my toes go through the peep. Besides, I hate my toes; but that is another story for another post.

Any who, I found shoes, handbags, jewelry, and clothes. Enough to fill FIVE bags!!! Including on of the big Ikea bags….I LOVE Ikea!!

So, to rid myself of this stuff I am puttinfg it all up for SALE!! I have tops sizes L-XL, jeans sizes 10-16, and shoes sizes 10 & 11 (mostly 11). Since everything is from Banana Republic, Gap, and Express for the most part I am sure I can get a good deal at consignment if it does not sell.

I planned to put pics up but then I again, I realized how much it is; so I am will give you a glimpse of all I had the energy to take a picture of this evening.

Nat and Matt, Esprit (Brown) and NY & Co, white

Never WornMost are new and or hardly worn

Click here for more photos…

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