My Dirty Little Secret-EXPOSED

When I looked for an apartment over a year ago I knew I needed a large closet for all of my stuff. I did not realize until I saw the closets of others that I had a problem. I own a lot of stuff. Clothes, shoes, hand bags, scarves, and so on. On my search I looked at several properties until I found the building I currently live. The model apartment had a huge walk-in, glorious closet the my nephew exclaimed, ” This could be my room!” I LOVED IT! It sealed the deal for me. The price was right, the area was great, and the closet made me shed a tear of pure ecstasy. I signed the papers, paid my deposit, and booked the Uhaul.

But of course…just my luck. As I had everything ready to go and at my final straw with staying at my parents (I love them but I needed my space and I missed my stuff) I find out that the person that was supposed to move out was not moving out because the job he thought he had–fell through. WTH!!! If I wanted, I could wait a month and move into another unit. But, if I waited I had to find new mover, cancel the UHaul, and stay at my parents. I couldn’t do it.

So instead they offered me another unit (handicapped accessible) at a discounted price that included a laundry room. The only draw back was that the layout was a bit different. I could not see the apartment because the occupant was still there but again, I was getting a discount. I agreed. I took the apartment signed on the dotted line a thought  was going to okay.

If you don’t believe me. Here are the pictures. I need help. There has to be something I can do to make this livable.

The day came that I got the key and moved in, only to find I GOT F’D ON THE CLOSET. Not only did I get it; I got it good and hard! This closet is so dang small; 1. Hardly any of my clothes fit in it. 2, It is not walk in. Hell, you can’t even squat in the damn thing.

It is My Dirty Little Secret and I am exposed. My closet is a wreck and I am sick to death and hate going to my bedroom.


4 thoughts on “My Dirty Little Secret-EXPOSED

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