Product Review:Lush R&B

I was on a shopping binge the month after my car was officially PAID OFF (woohoo)!! I had just racked up at Gap‘s AMAZING summer sale and headed to the Lush counter at Macy’s. I have shopped Lush before and to be honest I only adore their face masks; everything else…ehh. I had read rave reviews of R&B from other bloggers using it as a conditioner and/or styler, so I splurged. If you don’t know, you know now–Lush is expensive as hullaballoo. On this trip I was accompanied by my mother (whom I love dearly) but I should never take her shopping with me because I ask her opinion she replies “You only live once, Keshia (insert sweet mommy voice).” In my head I am thinking, yeah, in the damn poor house. But back to the topic. R&B has many fine and admirable qualities but I just don’t love it. And for $18.95 (now $20.95), I wanted to fall in love with that stuff. Not to mention it smelled like Blue Magic.

With respect to R&B they have a great return policy but I decided to live with my impulse purchase and learn from it. I kept it and used it on my feet (girls gotta do, what a girls got to do) so I would not have to smell it in my hair.

Not only was the smell bad but it really did not do much as a moisturizer for my kinky curls at all. I would rather stay a few bucks and use shea butter mixed with coconut oil and castor oil.

But then again, this is my opinion.

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