It’s Only a Trim….mmmmhmmm

I know I am not the only person this has happened to; but dang!! I go in for a trim and come out with a fade (not exactly). I was so proud of myself I was finally letting my hair grow out after almost 2 yrs of being natural, I was right on track with growth and decided it was time to go in for a trim.

Let me preface this first. I had not to long ago relocated and was in search of a new stylist. I met a lady with awesome locs and who claimed to be a natural hair stylist. So, I decided sure. She can’t possibly mess up a trim…right??

FALSE!!! This chick cut more than an inch off my fro and set me back a good 3-4 months of growth. (B***H!!)  I was just able to get my hair up in cute styles and she took it from me. Murdered it. It took me another 3-4 months to get close to it. This was almost a year ago and quite frankly I am still heated.

After that I did not get my hair trimmed for over 6 months and suffered some incredible damage ( I used to get it trimmed every 8 to 10 weeks)

I have since found a new place and so far I am liking it. It is called Natural Alternatives Salon on Bardstown Rd. My stylist is Regina and she now does my hair as well as my mom’s.


Have you had a bad trim experience??  Please share.


This was my expression when I left


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