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Product Review: Covergirl Outlast Lip Color

I am a lip gloss girl and always have been. I did not like the dry or sticky feeling you got with lipstick so I stuck with a gloss. It was good for me at eight it is good for me at 30. However as I feel my world-changing a bit…nothing major. I wanted to try something new. I dared to step away from my neutral world of honey, toffee, and caramel colors to something a bit darker and adventurous. I searched high and low well…I searched Sephora, Ulta, Smashbox, and MAC online; for a gloss that would stay more than the 2 minutes or less. As I fear most commitments lip color is no different. So imagine my surprise when I found a lip color in my secret stash that is crazy inexpensive and last like a mutha duck…quack!

Let me back up. Over the weekend I realized I had an Avon lip gloss that lasted a pretty long time however that was before I discovered Covergirl Outlast Lip Color (CGOLC). I had been hiding this baby in my product bin for over a year. I recall buying it during one of my product binges in DC when I had no idea what to do with myself but shop. In the bargain bin for less than $2 I found the CGOLC. I put it on around 7-ish in the morning and it will still rocking by noon. So much so that it freaked me out and I wiped it off…again, I told you commitment was not my strong point. I love it though. It last for ever and I am a lip biter but I still kept it on for a very long time. I must say that this is a new product fave if mine. If I were a better person I am sure I could have kept it on through and entire work day at least.

So my rating of Covergirl’s Outlast Lip Color is 5 out of 5!

This is a great item

My Dirty Little Secret Part 2: The Clean Out

It’s clean!! I cleaned out my closet. I can now see the floor and the wall…woo-hoo! My bedroom is now habitable. During the clean out I found several pairs of shoes I forgot I owned. Including the Cole Haan shiny, peep-toe pumps I wore to the presidental inaugauration. I knew I was going to be standing a great deal so I splurged. However, I have pretty narrow feet so my feet slide and my toes go through the peep. Besides, I hate my toes; but that is another story for another post.

Any who, I found shoes, handbags, jewelry, and clothes. Enough to fill FIVE bags!!! Including on of the big Ikea bags….I LOVE Ikea!!

So, to rid myself of this stuff I am puttinfg it all up for SALE!! I have tops sizes L-XL, jeans sizes 10-16, and shoes sizes 10 & 11 (mostly 11). Since everything is from Banana Republic, Gap, and Express for the most part I am sure I can get a good deal at consignment if it does not sell.

I planned to put pics up but then I again, I realized how much it is; so I am will give you a glimpse of all I had the energy to take a picture of this evening.

Nat and Matt, Esprit (Brown) and NY & Co, white

Never WornMost are new and or hardly worn

Click here for more photos…

Ruth Negga as Shirley Bassey

Everyday I get excited to see another Natural Belle posting on my Google Reader. Her blog is AMAZING! If you have not had a chance to see it, definitely check it out. It is all fashion and natural hair care…I LOVE IT!! I also love the post where she is practically stalking her favorite celebs like Solange Knowles and several others. The are all amazing and she capture them so well.

Natural Belle is a beautiful young woman in the UK that has a wonderful blog. All this to say I totally copied this post from her and I am sure I will copy more in the future.

Like they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery.


My Dirty Little Secret-EXPOSED

When I looked for an apartment over a year ago I knew I needed a large closet for all of my stuff. I did not realize until I saw the closets of others that I had a problem. I own a lot of stuff. Clothes, shoes, hand bags, scarves, and so on. On my search I looked at several properties until I found the building I currently live. The model apartment had a huge walk-in, glorious closet the my nephew exclaimed, ” This could be my room!” I LOVED IT! It sealed the deal for me. The price was right, the area was great, and the closet made me shed a tear of pure ecstasy. I signed the papers, paid my deposit, and booked the Uhaul.

But of course…just my luck. As I had everything ready to go and at my final straw with staying at my parents (I love them but I needed my space and I missed my stuff) I find out that the person that was supposed to move out was not moving out because the job he thought he had–fell through. WTH!!! If I wanted, I could wait a month and move into another unit. But, if I waited I had to find new mover, cancel the UHaul, and stay at my parents. I couldn’t do it.

So instead they offered me another unit (handicapped accessible) at a discounted price that included a laundry room. The only draw back was that the layout was a bit different. I could not see the apartment because the occupant was still there but again, I was getting a discount. I agreed. I took the apartment signed on the dotted line a thought  was going to okay.

If you don’t believe me. Here are the pictures. I need help. There has to be something I can do to make this livable.

The day came that I got the key and moved in, only to find I GOT F’D ON THE CLOSET. Not only did I get it; I got it good and hard! This closet is so dang small; 1. Hardly any of my clothes fit in it. 2, It is not walk in. Hell, you can’t even squat in the damn thing.

It is My Dirty Little Secret and I am exposed. My closet is a wreck and I am sick to death and hate going to my bedroom.


Product Review:Lush R&B

I was on a shopping binge the month after my car was officially PAID OFF (woohoo)!! I had just racked up at Gap‘s AMAZING summer sale and headed to the Lush counter at Macy’s. I have shopped Lush before and to be honest I only adore their face masks; everything else…ehh. I had read rave reviews of R&B from other bloggers using it as a conditioner and/or styler, so I splurged. If you don’t know, you know now–Lush is expensive as hullaballoo. On this trip I was accompanied by my mother (whom I love dearly) but I should never take her shopping with me because I ask her opinion she replies “You only live once, Keshia (insert sweet mommy voice).” In my head I am thinking, yeah, in the damn poor house. But back to the topic. R&B has many fine and admirable qualities but I just don’t love it. And for $18.95 (now $20.95), I wanted to fall in love with that stuff. Not to mention it smelled like Blue Magic.

With respect to R&B they have a great return policy but I decided to live with my impulse purchase and learn from it. I kept it and used it on my feet (girls gotta do, what a girls got to do) so I would not have to smell it in my hair.

Not only was the smell bad but it really did not do much as a moisturizer for my kinky curls at all. I would rather stay a few bucks and use shea butter mixed with coconut oil and castor oil.

But then again, this is my opinion.

On your mark, get set, SHOP!!

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