What about the Kitchen Table

I have totally become a blog  junkie.

Google Reader and Pulse News have become a must have for my computer and Droid. I have a pretty awesome blogroll of things that interest me and some of just friends who rant on blogs. I love to see what people are thinking, how they spend their time, and dealing with life.

Most of the blogs I follow are those of people in my age group and/or share a common interest with me like natural hair, politics, current events, non-profit work, and so on. I recognize we are getting older and I sort of accept that. I mean we gripe about the weather and insurance premiums for crying out loud.

So to get to my point “What about the Kitchen Table.”

Looking over blogs, Facebook, and dynamic tweets; most people are putting their entire lives on the internet. New jobs, where they live, places they are currently at, at this very moment and for the love of all that is mighty– detailed pictures of the them giving birth…REALLY. All of these are great a little too informative, but great none the less (except the child birth thing…some things you just don’t need to share) But what got me thinking (which I sometimes hate to do) were not the pictures of family gatherings, dinner parties, and baby’s first steps but the kitchen/dining room tables. My friends have homes with dining room tables! Adults have furnished homes with matching dishes, silverware, and formal dining room tables…not us!

Then I realized while I spend my time thinking about my next move and what I can conquer and take on next and hesitating at all cost to buy large items that would tie me down  (like a washer and dryer, yeah that’s a long story)  and make life too settled; I have never even thought about purchasing a REAL kitchen table. I never use my dining room. My ‘table’ can be folded up and thrown in my trunk and I have never though once about buying anything different (just last week I wanted to turn my dining room into a big closet).  So, like I always do I called my BFF Kristen and explained this breakthrough! I blamed it on being in Kentucky too long and hoped she would tell me I was nuts and over thinking but she didn’t. It caught her by surprise too. She had the same table up until a few months ago then she aquired one from a friend that was moving.

So, I asked her. “What about my kitchen table?” “Will I ever feel comfortable enough to settle down and buy a descent table?” “OMG! Does this mean I need a shrink?” “I don’t want a shrink! My insurance premiums are too high?”

To be continued…

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