Update: Maggie

This is by far the hardest post I have written. I was shocked at my reaction to turning over Maggie to her new owners. Perhaps it was because I don’t feel as though I had a proper goodbye with her or just maybe I got more attached to her than I did my other fosters. I think her back story had a lot to do with my need to take care of her and protect her from everything. I worried constantly if she had enough food (the week-and-a-half that I had her she gained 2 whole pounds!), water, and if she was comfortable. Also, her personality came  through; she went from a shy pup afraid of letting anyone near her to going up to everyone and everything (including mothering ducks 🙂 she learned that lesson fast). She also began to push the limits. She began to walk more confidently and sleep more securely.

As I lose the battle to holding back tears typing this out I am happy that Maggs went to loving home where she has an elder sister dog to play with and a very loving mom and dad that instantly fell in love her…quite frankly it is very easy to do.

I am on my third day without her and I am still blubbering like an idiot but again…I am happy for her.

Check out these vids of Maggie vs my work boot.

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