Meet Maggie!!

I have done it again.  I am fostering another pup this one came with a horrifying story so I could not say “no”.  Maggie is probably the most well-behaved pup I have ever fostered.  She is very sweet, loving, and loves to stay close.  I am foster her through Woodstock Animal Foundation in Louisville, KY.  I got the call for Maggie last week while I was in Atlanta.  originally from Eastern Kentucky, Maggie and all her brothers and sisters were thrown over a bridge and left to die.  Out of the bunch Maggie was the only survivor. 

It breaks my heart to hear stories like this of just plain cruelty.  I can’t imagine or understand the thought process behind this behavior.  When I met Maggie she had no name and was very timid.  I felt so bad that all I wanted to do was hold her close and show her all the love she had never received.  Now more than 24 hours later Maggie has been by my side like flies to horse poo!  She has met the entire staff here at work and they have all showered her with so much love and treats! Although she has a bed here at the office she stays right under my chair as I work.  She wags her tail and greets everyone as they stop in to see what she is up to and walks the hall as if she is on staff. We are very attached.

Yesterday I skipped my training at Fleet Feet Louisville and took a jog through the park with Maggie in tow (she refuses the leash and instead runs along with me). 

Maggie is a lot of  fun and is really annoyed by the puppy in my bathroom mirror 🙂


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