What I’m Reading Now

I have always been an avid reader despite a few lazy years I stopped for some weird reason.  That was a long time ago and since then I have been reading like it’s my job (I’m corny. Get over it). Currently, I am reading Helena Andrews, Bitch is the New Black. This was new venture for me because normally I read “chick lit” or female lead murder mysteries like The Chocolate Chip Cookie Murders by Joanne Fluke.  Don’t judge me!!  I like to read to escape and these cozy books are practically my only source of release.

Helena Andrews has a great memoir!  She has been blessed with a very interesting life…the book has been optioned for a movie so–whateve!  The book is a bit choppy and jumps around a lot but I love it anyway.  Happy to see a book that hits on many topics that my friends and I discuss on the regular.  Andrews brings light to the issues facing young professional African-American females like roles at work, relationships, and life in general.  After recently moving back to Louisville, KY (and bored out of my damn mind) I have been asking myself some of these questions more loudly now than before when I had plenty of distractions in DC.  So far this book is hitting the mark and I can’t wait to dig back in.

For a more complete and coherent synopsis of the book click here.

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